How the One Million Steps Health Challenge Began: The One Million Steps health challenge was created by the Fermoy Community Health Project in 2014 and was first rolled out with the 6th class pupils in Fermoy primary schools.  In 2019 One Million Steps was adapted into a community initiative for groups or organisations.

One Million Steps is designed to encourage physical exercise in social groups in the community.  You will work within your group to increase your level of physical activity through walking. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get moving. It improves our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Maybe you do a little bit of walking or you are already a regular walker? Either way, the One Million Steps health challenge will help you to find a goal that you can achieve

How One Million Steps works: We invite members of community groups or organisations to walk 500 miles as a group over four weeks. Five hundred miles is about one million steps.  You can count your daily steps using step counters, fitness trackers or fitness apps on a smartphone. The results are recorded in a step tracker sheet.

For further information about One Million Steps contact Jacinta McCormack, Fermoy Community Health Worker on 085 8742320.





    If you are interested in running the ‘NO LIMITS – Mastery for Students’ programmes in your school setting, please contact Jacinta McCormack, Community Health Worker 085 8742320.