School Projects

One Million Steps – Fermoy Schools Challenge – Fermoy Community Health Project in partnership with Fermoy Credit Union rolled out a new health initiative across the seven primary schools in the Fermoy in October 2014 called “One Million Steps” Fermoy Schools Challenge.

The 6th class pupils of all seven primary schools were asked to collectively walk 500 miles during the month of October, up to mid-term break.

500 miles equates to approximately one million steps and the steps were measured using step counters. The steps were monitored and counted within each school day.

The children successfully completed the project and completely surpassed all expectations and collectively walked over 5000 miles during the 18 challenge which equated to over 10,000,000.

NO LIMITS – Mastery for Students’

Fermoy Community Health Project provided funding during 2014/2015 towards the research and development of a mental fitness initiative which would be directed towards senior cycle secondary school students called “NO LIMITS – Mastery for Students’.   The aim of the programme is to equip students with a series of easily applicable exercises and skills which will empower them to overcome obstacles and enhance their mental fitness in these final years.  On completion of the programme the students will have:

  • an increased belief in their own ability
  • be better able to cope with stress
  • focus more clearly and have improved organisation and planning skills,
  • have increased confidence levels
  • communicate more honestly and effectively with their teachers, parents and peers
  • have learned a series of low-impact physical exercise and energising techniques.

    If you are interested in running the ‘NO LIMITS – Mastery for Students’ programmes in your school setting, please contact Jacinta McCormack, Community Health Worker 085 8742320.